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We would like to welcome you to STEM~Net's fifth annual Hook, Line & Net conference. This year's conference will run from June 27th to June 29th in Clarenville, Newfoundland. Our theme, Living and Learning in a Digital World is intended to bring together a diverse group of people interested in all aspects of what it means to be a learner in the new millennium. Our goal is to continue to provide participants with the highest quality educational technology conference in the province, the best opportunity for people networking and of course the chance to have the best after hours time of your life! See what others had to say about last year's conference in Stephenville.

This year's host community has certainly paved the way in the information technology area beginning with the Clarenville Telematics Strategy, which was formed in 1994, and resulting in the Action IT project. The Discovery Regional Development Board has always been a strong supporter of information technology. The Vista School District has of course provided us valuable experience in the area of distance learning through their Vista Digital Intranet Partnership.

Building on last year's very successful conference we will once again highlight the SchoolNet GrassRoots program through the presentation of 40 provincial projects in our GrassRoots Forums. These dynamic and fast paced presentations were rated as the "best of the best" by last year's participants.

So STEM-Net welcomes you with open arms. Please help us to build the best Hook Line and Net yet!