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Schoolnet RINGS

The SchoolNet RINGS Pre-Pilot

Survey: Participating teachers-Pre-pilot

The Name "SchoolNet RINGS"

Features of RINGS

Project Organization and Leadership

Project coordination and leadership by ONE of the participating RINGS (the Lead RING), normally the one with the most experience in such activities, with support and assistance from the SchoolNet RINGS Project Officer;

The SchoolNet RINGS Project Officer groups potential RINGS by grade, curriculum, topic, and network resources level, invites the various RINGS to participate, and invite one of the RINGS to be the Lead RING

RING-based (team-based) activities, in which the problem or challenge being investigated is broken into sub-tasks or challenges and distributed among the participating RINGS or teams.

Features of RINGS Communications

Communications Software and Tools

"SchoolNet RINGS" is not tied to a particular piece of network software, hardware or tool, but will be adapted to the resources available to each project's participating RINGS. Thus, different projects will make use of one or more of the resources that are available to them, where the tools selected will be available to all the RINGS in any given project.

Scalability of "SchoolNet RINGS"

"SchoolNet RINGS" is completely scalable both numbers of participating RINGS, geographic coverage and time. "SchoolNet RINGS" is also scalable by subject area.

At one end of the size continuum, the number of RINGS in a project can be as few as one or can include as many as are appropriate for meeting the goals set for the project.

At one end of a geographic continuum, it can encompass a single class, school or district, and on the other end it may encompass the globe.

At one end of the time continuum, it can encompass a single week-long "focused" activity, and at the other end, a full school year. It is entirely possible that some projects might be extended with the same participants or RINGS over multiple years.

The Pilot Phase and Goals

A pilot phase is proposed for the period September 1995 to June 1996, covering the full school year. The pilot will cover all grades, with at least five available curriculum-relevant themes for each of the primary, elementary, intermediate and high-school areas.

The pilot is intended to:

Selection and Pilot Training

Teacher Support

It is assumed that participating teachers have access to the Internet and already have skills in using email and one or more of news, gopher and web utilities.

A SchoolNet RINGS Handbook will be available online (and in hard-copy form) when the call for participation is issued.