Gilbert Bennett, Director-Network Development
Cable Atlantic Inc.

STELLAR Schools Presentation
Hook, Line, and Net '95
August 22, 1995

Striving Towards Excellence in Learning by Linking Activities and Resources

Provides High Speed Educational Networking Services to Schools in Cable Atlantic's Serving Areas.

Cable Atlantic and STEM~Net are Partners

Enabling Technology

Cable Atlantic is Committed to Network Rebuilds in its Serving Areas
Work Has Started in St. John's
Scheduled to Start in Corner Brook, Grand Falls/Windsor, and Gander within Months.
Smaller Systems to Follow

Tin Cans and Strings

State of the Art Network Design
Hybrid Fibre Coax
750 MHz Bandwidth

Two Way Capability

Designed From the Ground Up for New Services
Interactive TV
Data Services
Telecom Services

The STELLAR Connection

4 Mb / s Cable Modem Connection
Enables New Multimedia Applications
Video Clips

Cable Atlantic's Commitment

Cable Atlantic Will Provide Network Services to the Schools in its Serving Area for a Period of Four Years at No Charge!

School Responsibilities

Pay a One Time Connection Fee
Pay for the Hardware and Software to Connect to Cable Atlantic's Network
Present Annual Program Development Proposals to STEM~Net

... Have to Demonstrate that the Connection will be put to Good Use.

Status Report

First School is Connected!
Prince of Wales Collegiate, St. John's
Network Rebuild has Commenced in St. John's
Working Through Schedules and Project Management Issues

PWC Experience

26 PC's Connected to the Net at 500 kb/s
Originally Had 1 14.4 modem and a phone line.
New Applications Enabled
Simultaneous Web Browsing


Cable Atlantic is Excited About the Potential of This Project!
We Have Made a Major Commitment to the Project
Looking to Schools to Demonstrate What they Can Do!

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