Presentation Slides - Jaap Tuinman

STEM~Net - Empowering the Students and Teachers of Newfoundland and Labrador

STEM~Net is about Robbie

(the student)
For an educational innovation to succeed, teachers must be at the core.
Teachers involved from the beginning:
STEM~Net supports: on site inservice, with a focus on immediate applications.
The 21st Century Challenge: The Speed of Change

Managing "change" requires:

STEM~Net Statistics: Within 20 months of operation, approximately 8500 accounts on system.
Computer and Communications technologies support a new model of "empowered " teachers

Yesterday's "monolithic" model was one teacher standing in front of one class to deliver one subject at a time. This was considered the ideal.

The new model shows a differentiation in the roles of teachers, changing to deal more effectively with content and children through the intervention of technology.

The "new" model will, among other features include: