About Hook, Line & Net '99

STEM~Net's fourth annual Hook, Line & Net '99 conference runs from July 7th to July 9th in Stephenville, Newfoundland. This year's theme, Create I.T!, is not only symbolic of the arts influence on the west coast and, in particular, the Stephenville area, but of a conference where people of diverse arts, education, family and community backgrounds all come together to share learning and communicating in a digital world. The conference name Create I.T! was selected from over 100 entries and is the brain child of Anne Godin of Bishop Field School. Anne won a free conference registration for her efforts!

The organizers of Hook, Line & Net '99 are bringing together a diverse group of presenters, speakers, and workshop leaders for the event. They will include artists, teachers who use technology in their classrooms, parents and students with computer expertise, and leaders in technology fields.