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Note: If you have registered for the conference already and you wish to change the sessions you are attending, go here.

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Regular Registration ($125) - Includes access to all sessions/GrassRoots Forums, 1 Banquet Ticket and 1 Keynote/Reception Ticket.
Presenter Registration ($50) - Same as above, but you have made arrangements to present at the conference at a reduced fee, along with free kid camps.
Single-Day Registration ($60) - Includes access to Wednesday's Workshop Sessions only. To attend the Banquet and/or Keynote, add tickets below.
Special Event Registration (n/a) - Enter the number of tickets to each event you wish in the next section.
GrassRoots Debit, Full Registration
Bill's Special $75 Deal - This is getting silly.
Fatima Acedemy Super-Deal
GrassRoots Presenter

Event Tickets
If you chose a Single-Day/Special Event Registration OR if you want Extra tickets to add to your Regular/Presenter Registration then enter the number of tickets you want for each event below:
Keynote and Reception, Tuesday, June 27
Banquet, Wednesday, June 28

Kid Camps
Day camps for children ages 6-14 will be available depending on enrollment. The camps will run during conference workshops and presentations. Children will enjoy a variety of activities including computers, crafts, indoor and outdoor games. Transportation will be provided from the college as needed. Children will return to the college at lunch hour to eat with parents (meals are not included in camp fee). Please review the above information if you would like to purchase meal packages. Do you require kid camps?

yes! Please enroll children in kid camps:

1 Camp participant @ $30
2 Camp participants @ $60
3 Camp participants @ $90
4 Camp participants @ $120
5 Camp participants @ $150
no! I do not require kid camp enrollment.

Friday Afternoon Golf
I am interested in participating in the Thursday Afternoon HLN Golf Classic. Fee collections and arrangements will be made at the conference.