Hook, Line & Net '99 Registration

Registration is now open for the Hook, Line & Net '99 Conference. Registration at reduced rates is available until June 30, 1999. The registration fee until June 30 is $100, and $120 as of July 1. Registration includes Opening Reception, Keynote, Swing and Jive entertainment night, panel discussion, all workshops and GrassRoots presentations. Meals, accomodations and kid camps are additional as per the registration form.

Online Registration is now available. If you have already registered but wish to change the sessions you plan to attend or view your registration information then proceed to the Registration Editing Tool.

Alternatively you may print a registration form in RTF or Word Perfect format, complete it by hand and mail it directly to STEM~Net with your payment. The registration form includes accommodations at the college, meals and child care - kid camps. If you would prefer accommodations outside of the college residence, you will have to make these accommodations yourself. Most of the meals are linked into conference events. We encourage everyone attending the conference to purchase a meal plan.