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The third annual Hook, Line & Net '98 conference, runs from August 18-20 this year in St. John's, Newfoundland. This year's theme is Cybersteps: Pathways in a Digital World. The event is aimed at students, teachers, and adults -- giving young people and adults a chance to learn about technology together. The sessions will range from basic to advanced. Young people and adults will be able to attend some sessions together -- at both the introductory and advanced levels. There will also be specific workshops for teachers, which will help them integrate technology into their classrooms. Other sessions will be geared towards a younger audience, building on their earlier experiences with computers.

The topics are as varied as: basic and advanced web-page design, animation, school intranets, graphics creation & manipulation, networking, digital video and audio, and web-based courses.

The organizers of Hook, Line and Net '98 are bringing together a diverse group of presenters, speakers, and workshop leaders for the event. They will include students with computer expertise, teachers who use technology in their classrooms, and leaders in the high-tech world.

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